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ODF Technologies is a leader in the development and manufacturing of edible fast dissolving nutritional and pharmaceutical films.

The ODF System was created in 2002 and succesfully marketed in partnership with a St-Hyacinthe (Quebec) based company in 2003. Consequently ODF Technologies was founded in 2005 to better meet the specific needs of its industrial partners in the development, manufacture and marketing of orally fast dissolving film strips for oral hygiene, nutraceutical, OTC and pharmaceutical applications.

The Orally Dissolving Film (ODF) system consists of a thin fast dissolving film that can be loaded with a wide variety of active ingredients for delivery to the mouth, either on the tongue or sublingually. Some of the benefits of using the ODF system are:

  • Convenience - compact and ease of use dispenser
  • Ease of administration - no need for water
  • Fast release of actives - rapid onset of action
  • Local action - antiseptic, anesthesia

The ODF system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of active ingredients for immediate release upon administration to the tongue. The ODF system is characterized by:

  • High loading capacity (<50%)
  • Actives can be liquid or solid
  • Thin films (50 to 150 microns)
  • Small surface area ( cm2)
  • Fast release (<15 sec)



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